Subodh Journal of Social Science & Humanities
(An International Peer Reviewed Research Journal)

Research and its dissemination is a continuous process in the lives of scholars engaged in broadening the horizons and exploring new frontiers of knowledge. Subodh Journal of Social Science & Humanities is an international, bi annual peer reviewed research journal that aims to provide a platform for such contributors of original research papers, articles and reviews which focus on issues concerning Social Sciences & Humanities.
We invite scholars to get associated with us in this continuous Endeavour of generating new ideas and seeking new answers in the field concerning Social Sciences & Humanities. Papers submitted for publication will go through a blind review and plagiarism test before issue of acceptance letter to the author. Once approved by the Editors and Review Board the paper will be published in the next issue of the Journal and will be available online on the Journal’s website. Contributors may take a print of the published article if required.


Subodh Journal of Social Science and Humanities is a bi- annual research publication of S S Jain Subodh PG (Autonomous) College Research Council engaged in publishing original research work with contemporary relevance in areas of both Social Sciences and Humanities.

Editor in Chief
Dr Veenu Pant
S. S. Jain Subodh P.G. (Autonomous) College
Rambagh Circle, Jaipur. 302004